About Me.

A businessman and his idea of & ​​a virtual group

I'm Salem Almasrahi the one who’s humbly behind the idea of creating this virtual gathering, hoping it will be a success for everyone who believed in this idea and has become a part of it. As we all know, most of the mega projects started with a simple idea and developed over the years until they became as they are now..

I had been thinking a lot of the idea of creating this “virtual gathering” for several years, especially when I expect a possible danger or loss, but when these risks and difficulties are gone, I put off the idea aside. In addition, turning the idea into reality, mechanism and executive steps is not easy. A great effort has been made, many people have been consulted, and several models have been tested over the past years. Several attempts, modifications, and improvements have been made until this website, which represents the origin and conclusion of the idea, was completed.

Old ... and new Salem Almasrahi

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Millionaire under construction

He has been able to collect the material of this book over a period of more than ten years

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«The Golden Container»

To combat high prices and support small and medium enterprises, Eng. Salem Dheifallah Al-Masrihi,

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Saudi Commercial Broker

Salem Al-Masrahi reveals facts about Saudi traders. Engineer Salem Daifallah Al-Masrihi

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A new television channel

A new television channel to revive international trade A memorandum of understanding