«The Golden Container»

In the city of Interlaken in the Berne district of Switzerland, the Engineer Salem Al-Masrahi did not realize that passing through a tough commercial experiment in the Berne district of Switzerland would turn into a successful success story, in which he would tailor his details to the major financial and intellectual institutions. Why not? Social networking such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others are just ideas and then started to evolve over time and achieve astronomical numbers in their market value?! The story goes back to the agreement of Engineer Salem Al-Masrahi in 2014 with several partners to buy a small motel for an amount not exceeding 2.4 million Swiss francs, and it was agreed that he would personally undertake the research. The purpose of buying a motel in this particular city is to distinguish it internationally and its uniqueness is characterized by several features, including its summer atmosphere, its permanent vegetables, and the many summer and winter activities of different sports and skiing, which is a desirable destination throughout the year, The various countries of the world, especially the Gulf States. In addition to the desire of partners to double benefit of this investment to be available to any of the partners housing at any time, in addition to linking to the sites of automated booking over the Internet to be available to anyone in the world to live in it. That is, the goal was both personal and investment at the same time. The partners decided not to exceed the number of motel rooms for 15 rooms, and has a large yard and parking spaces to facilitate the exploitation of its potential as much as possible in the ideas suggested by Salem, such as bring beauty and tents in the summer in the heart of Europe and other creative ideas, and after a painstaking research took more than 2 months and visit more than 20 Motels with different sizes in harsh winter conditions and the disbursement of a large sum of his own account, the effort of Engineer Salem to the disappointment of great, where a wonderful motel was found and all the required specifications and more, and has begun coordination with the competent authorities and address on obtaining preliminary approvals for We intend to do it, but It was agreed with an Arab restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland, to pledge the motel kitchen and serve all Arab dishes. When the hour came, the partners withdrew one by one. Unfortunately, the engineer did not have the full amount. The agreement between the partners was that each partner would contribute according to his financial position. , And divided the shares of ownership according to the value of each shareholder, and here went the efforts of Salem wind. There were a number of ideas to turn this bitter experience into a different and distinctive reality that is being exploited.

The effort has been made, the operational expenses covered, the ideas are there, and the motel is still available. If only there is shortage of capital and one or several individuals working on the assessment this idea of owning a motel on the other side of the world is in their positions, without even burdening the burden of travel or risk and investing in something they do not have details. From here began the threads and details of the idea of creating a base consisting of several people who have money and thought formed in the mind of engineer Salem Al-Masahi, and he began to experiment several models over the past years, and after making sure the effectiveness of the establishment of a conglomeration of several people by default and from different geographical locations of the world created Eng. Salem and Tom developed the concept of virtual Group "virtual group" is a website and a unique electronic application that brings together a number of people who have common interests, wishes and orientations within a non-binding interactive environment that has the three most important elements of success: money, thought and the effective human element.
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