«The Golden Container»

To fight high prices and support small and medium enterprises, Eng. Salim Daifallah Al-Masrihi, Chairman of the Complete Deal Group, decided to invest accumulated and diversified experience gained over 15 years of work in the Chinese market specifically, and in the commercial field in general, he decided to take advantage of his experience to serve a distinctive and unique business, it’s truly culmination of a march of struggle and long perseverance, he did not expect his "Golden Container" project in its early beginnings to be met with strong response locally and internationally, especially that he introduced it in the beginning to several investors to support him and he did not receive a serious response, according to Eng.Al-Masrihi, the start of his project was two years ago in order to allow the largest number of traders to participate in the import of miscellaneous goods and within only one container, as the number of participants increased, many differences emerged, perhaps the most important difference is the opinions and tastes among the shareholders in the single container, therefore, Eng. Salim Al-Masrihi changed the whole method of work and adopted a new methodology, and developed specific business lines with a standard system that don’t allow differences or may cause the collapse of the procurement and supply of these containers, which ensures that the system runs the business process with complete success,

Eng. Salem connected this project with the satellite channels that are seen in all Arab countries around the clock, so that anyone and wherever it is located can choose the appropriate goods and products (20-ton container load), and they are immediately listed on the official website of the project, it also broadcasts simultaneously on the air via the ad satellite channel, which make the target customer in more than 23 Arab countries and not only in Saudi Arabia, also a practical option has been added that contributes directly to solving the marketing and disposal problem experienced by most local and international companies and factories , so the trader who wants to sell his products in the Container system can display his products in a practical and sophisticated way (a video clip) that is displayed on the project's website and via the satellite channel for a small fee.

News source http://m.alsharq.net.sa/2012/12/16/628222